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Zou Yaqi

2021 Graduated from Central Academy of Art, Experimental Art School


Her graduation video work "Momentary Possession System" was published in Japan's "Tokyo Shimbun".

She was able to live in Beijing for 21 days without spending a single penny for food, clothing, and shelter by using society's ``surplus goods.'' Like a celebrity, he enters first-class lounges at airports, stuffs free snacks into luxury branded paper bags, moves from hotel lobbies to IKEA furniture stores, eats free snacks, and sits on exhibition sofas. Their sleeping behavior is recorded.

Through these acts, they express their ideas about the "ownership system" and their resistance to the current supremacy of capitalism.

October 2021 Group Exhibition "THEATER" at Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO, Tokyo

August 2022 Group Exhibition "Moment to Last" at Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo

邹雅琦 Zou Yaqi
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