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With artists and collectors

What is HRD Artist Label?

HRD Artist Label, which was founded in 2017 and officially established as a company in 2019, is an art company that operates in a complex area, including art-related promotion, management, and operation.

For promotion in particular, we focus on online activities, announcing and exposing our works on SNS such as Weibo, Wechat, and Xiaohongshu. Not only do we send information on the HRD account, but we also send information on the accounts of our contracted artists.
In addition, we are working to promote our products to various fans through collections of works by celebrities and idols who are interested in art, and collaborations with famous brands.
Of course, we also plan and hold exhibitions at famous galleries and museums several times a year.

Junna Maruyama, who was born in 1999, Ryoko Kaneta, and Yukito Shinkai have rapidly become popular mainly in Greater China, and many of their works are collected by celebrities in various fields.

Intermission venue

Our Philosophy

Chinese collectors who support HRD Artist Label,It is characterized by a wide range of customers, mainly among the younger generation, who have strong consumer appetite.

In addition, contract artists as well as collectors,Since there are many artists from the young generation, we are working on medium- to long-term plans and perspectives.“Growing together” with artists and collectorsI'm trying to convey my philosophy.

2022 promotional video “The Diner”

2021 promotional video “THEATER”


Corporate Information

Company Name: HRD ART Co.,Ltd.​

Representative: Takuro Tsunekawa

Establishment: September 1, 2021

Address:〒104-0061 6-13-16 UCF 5F, GINZA, CHUO KU, TOKYO

HRD Artist Label (headquartered in China) deals directly with the artists regarding the delivery and licensing of their works.

The Taiwan region is affiliated with the exclusive partner company Meistay.

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