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ZOKEI Exhibition

I visited the "ZOKEI Exhibition: Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Research and Thesis Exhibition / Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School Master's Thesis and Master's Work Exhibition" held on the campus of Tokyo Zokei University.

Entrance to Tokyo Zokei University

Since this exhibition is relatively more compact than those of Tama Art University and Musashino Art University, I was able to see a variety of exhibits, both fine art and design.

Here is a work by a fine art student.

Amazing display of large stuffed toys!

Many of the design students' works were full of individuality, using the entire booth, with a large booth per person.


Textile works were also rich in expression.


The Tokyo Zokei University website has a web exhibition, so you can see other works as well.

I am also looking at the works I saw there again, thinking how good they were!


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