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We would like to share with you photos sent to us by our Chinese staff of Singapore where Ryoko Kaneta is exhibiting.

The photo was sent to me in mid-October. Japan was experiencing an autumn climate, but Singapore seemed to have a summer climate of over 25 degrees Celsius every day.

famous marina bay sands

Singapore has a very low risk of earthquakes, so there are many large buildings.

overlooking skyscrapers

Introducing "ArtScience Museum" from Singapore's tourist attractions.

ArtScience Museum" is an artscience museum whose philosophy is "fusion of art, culture, chemistry and technology." Located inside Marina Bay Sands.

The permanent exhibition includes "Future World" created by "teamLab."

You can experience installation works, such as hands-on exhibits that make full use of video, and exhibits where jellyfish drawn on paper appear on a screen imitating an aquarium in front of you.

big screen like an aquarium

The ArtScience Museum building, modeled after a lotus flower, was designed by architect Moshe Safdi, who also designed the indoor garden "Jewel" at Changi Airport.

The flower-like building on the right is "ArtScience Museum"

Singapore also has a casino.

Very large casino venue

That's all about Singapore.

We are looking forward to future developments in Singapore.


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