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Ryoko Kaneta and Franck Muller collaborated! New information

Ryoko Kaneta and Franck Muller collaborated!

A new campaign animation has been released.

For more information, please visit the Franck Muller Asia Pacific website.

Outline of Sales

Sales period: To be announced

Size: 32 mm (width), 45 mm (length), 9.35 mm (thickness)

Quantity : Limited to 500 pieces

Sales area: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, etc.

Ryoko Kaneta comment

“I am pleased to announce the collaboration with Franck Muller and release of a limited edition of 500 pieces of a collaborative watch featuring the dragon.

2024 is the Year of Dragon.  The dragon has long been considered a symbol of success and development. The way the dragons appear out of the numbers expresses the divine appearance of the dragons.  Please enjoy the richness of time with the watch."

Press Release

Inquiry Contact

HRD ART Co. Ltd.,

You can also contact us through CONTACT.

フランクミュラーコラボレーション イメージ
フランクミュラーコラボレーション ロゴ
フランクミュラーコラボレーション ロゴ


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