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Ryoko Kaneta Solo Exhibition

"Beauties of Nature"

From Saturday, March 18 to Sunday, April 16, 2023

Powerlong Art Museum

Artist Ryoko Kaneta's first solo exhibition at a museum, "Beauties of Nature", was held at the Powerlong Art Museum in Shanghai, China.

Approximately 50 pieces, including new paintings and three-dimensional works, will be on display.

Ryoko Kaneta's largest work to date, "On the Journey", which is a collection of three No. 100 pieces, and 10 pieces from the newly announced "Landscape Portraits'' series. In addition, there was a Daruma series with a design of the Chinese zodiac, which is a common motif in Japan and Greater China.

The artist himself also participated in the preview and interacted with many visitors.

Mr. Wang Sician, the son of the chairman of the Wanda Group, also attended, making the event a hot topic in the local news.

Exhibition Outline
Exhibition Title

Ryoko Kaneta Solo Exhibition "Beauties of Nature" ​


From Saturday, March 18 to Sunday, April 16, 2023

★March 17 is an invitation day


Shanghai / Powerlong Art Museum​

HRD Artist Label (HRD ART Co.,Ltd.​)​

"Beauties of Nature" Main Image
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