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from beyond the sea

From Sunday, October 22 to Thursday, November 30, 2023

Singapore / ARTTRIO Gallery

Ryoko Kanata's first exhibition in Singapore, "from beyond the sea," was held at ARTTRIO Gallery in Singapore.
The exhibition, her first in Singapore, consisted mainly of works related to "water," the common denominator between the two island countries of Japan and Singapore.
The works on display included the latest work from the "Iwao to Taki" series, "Iwao to Taki - Sarusuberi" (Rock and Waterfall - crape myrtle), and "Kegen - Merlion" (incarnation - Merlion) from the new "Kagen" series, both of which were exhibited for the first time in Singapore, both of which feature motifs associated with water and Singapore.
Many visitors from Singapore came to enjoy the various forms of water depicted by Ryoko Kaneta, such as oceans, waterfalls, and lakes.

Exhibition Outline
Exhibition Title

Ryoko Kaneta "from beyond the sea"


From Sunday, October 22 to Thursday, November 30, 2023


Singapore / ARTTRIO Gallery

Tudor Court, 133-135 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247926


HRD Artist Label(HRD ART Co., Ltd.​)​, ARTTRIO Gallery

from beyond the sea
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