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FRANCK MULLER x Ryoko Kaneta

January 2024

Ryoko Kaneta and the luxury mechanical watchmaker FRANCK MULLER have collaborated to create a watch featuring a dragon girl who seems to hide behind the numbers 1-12 on the dial.

The collaboration product is based on the motif of the dragon, the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2024, and will be sold in limited quantities of 500 pieces (planned) in the Asia-Pacific region, featuring a dragon girl who seems to play hide-and-seek with the numbers 1 to 12 on the dial. (as of January 2024).

Various promotions, including a special animation, are being developed in conjunction with the sale of the collaborative products.

HRD Artist Label (Japan: HRD ART Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which has strengths in the Asian art market, was in charge of licensing this collaboration.

Collaboration watch
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